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 Alliance Treaty Draft

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PostSubject: Alliance Treaty Draft   Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:43 pm

1) This Alliance Treaty between x and the y is created on sole premises that is necessary to create strong bond between Guilds to promote common growth and permit the protection of all players under said Treaty, against enemies common or not.

2) This Treaty may be called into effect by either of the parties in event of an unprovoked attack by a third party or in case of a joint declaration of war on a third Party;

2) In the event of a Declaration of War on only one of the comprising guilds of the Treaty the other parties are excused of participating in said war, unless common goals and interests are in peril.

3) Wars that are started by the actions of or by declaration against a third party by either party are not covered by this Treaty , if said action is taken without the agreement of the ruling bodies.

4) When this Treaty is enacted by either party, the other party must provide, at their discretion all help and assistance that possible. Either guild has 48 hours to muster fleets before engaging in any coordinated offensive action.

5) Either party may at their discretion, supply only intelligence and scouts, as part of this Treaty, or any level of support that is deemed acceptable.

6) If either party wishes to withdraw from a war covered by this pact they must inform the other party before accepting terms, and simultaneously, should seek similar terms for the other party.

7) Also as part of this Treaty an trade agreement is enacted.
This will allow the posting of trade routes on each others boards thru assigned guild members.
Trade routes posting must include information on defences (ie. types of turrets shields etc fighter screen or fleet value).

9) Either party may cancel this agreement with by giving 10 days notice to the ruling Councils.

10) Any guild covered by this treaty, may ask all other guilds to allow another guild to sign up. This will require all guilds involved to agree before any new guilds will be allowed to sign.
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Alliance Treaty Draft
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