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 Ark main JG's Cetiverse

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PostSubject: Ark main JG's Cetiverse   Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:08 pm

C07 C07:36:19:40 JG7

C13 C13:14:31:13 JG3

C15 C15:55:51:11 JG8

C19 C19:76:93:20 JG2

C20-29 Cluster Commander: Fleischier

C20 C20:74:60:31 JG5

C21 C21:54:16:20 JG5

C22 Commander: Fear

C22 C22:45:06:10 JG8 LC 11

C24 C24:15:68:21 JG8

C29 C29:58:58:20 JG4

C32 C32:36:79:30 L8 LC12

C35 C35:34:97:12 JG6

C37 C37:44:43:10 JG5

C43 C43:56:00:20 JG6 LC5

C46 C46:54:64:10 JG6 LC7

C47 C47:26:68:40 JG6 LG10

C48 C48:36:46:11 JG9

C50-59 Cluster Commander: Hungis

C50 C50:36:60:31 JG7 - C50:64:89:11 JG9

C51 C51:64:26:21 JG7 C51:45:83:20 L8

C52 C52:52:90:20 JG6

C53 C53:84:26:40 JG7 LC9 - C53:73:43:20 JG8 LC11

C54 C54:75:46:23 JG 6 - C54:44:85:23 JG 8 - C54:26:39:23 JG 9

C55 Commander: Derfel Cadarn

C55 C55:43:15:41 JG3

C56 C56:26:85:13 JG6 - C56:76:81:11 JG6

C57 Commander: Papz

C57 C57:65:58:20 JG6 - C57:27:30:30 JG8 [

C58 C58:58:73:30 JG6 - C58:42:47:33 JG8

C60-64 Cluster Co-Commander: Maniac In Green

C60 C60:37:11:11 JG6 C60:43:46:20 JG8 LC 11

C62 C62:45:86:13 JG 7

C63 C63:22:72:20 JG4]

C64 C65: C64:35:48:11 JG6

C65-69 Cluster Co-Commander: WindWizard

C66 C66:64:45:33 JG6 LC10

C68 Commander OMEN-MAUL

C68 C68:25:80:21 JG5

C69 C69:27:95:10 JG 4

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Ark main JG's Cetiverse
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