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 [HUN] C40 Bases

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PostSubject: [HUN] C40 Bases   Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:36 am

C40 HUN targets, listed in order of Region.

C40:04:86:20 [HUN] Green

C40:12:48:10 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:14:73:21 [HUN] sasezs
C40:14:73:20 [HUN] sasezs
C40:14:17:10 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:14:00:20 [HUN] Atlantis
C40:14:75:41 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:16:36:10 [HUN] Green
C40:16:64:40 [HUN] Green
C40:16:64:31 [HUN] Green

C40:20:79:30 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:21:65:30 [HUN] Sigismund

C40:22:07:10 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:22:07:31 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:22:19:22 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:22:84:10 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:23:28:11 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:23:34:30 [HUN] Sigismund

C40:24:87:10 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:24:87:20 [HUN] Atlantis
C40:24:79:20 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:25:81:10 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:26:18:10 [HUN] Lach
C40:26:34:30 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:26:97:10 [HUN] Lach

C40:27:26:20 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:27:26:11 [HUN] viktorianus

C40:28:64:11 [HUN] Lach
C40:28:75:20 [HUN] Lach

C40:32:25:10 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:33:03:30 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:33:06:10 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:33:38:20 [HUN] ChrisAC
C40:33:56:20 [HUN] ChrisAC
C40:33:63:30 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:33:78:20 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:33:88:11 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:34:05:10 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:34:05:31 [HUN] Atlantis
C40:34:17:21 [HUN] Atlantis
C40:34:45:30 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:34:47:40 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:34:52:20 [HUN] Atlantis
C40:34:78:20 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:35:01:10 [HUN] sasezs
C40:35:01:20 [HUN] sasezs
C40:35:90:21 [HUN] Jeffrey
C40:35:90:13 [HUN] sasezs

C40:36:02:20 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:36:05:20 [HUN] sasezs
C40:36:66:21 [HUN] ChrisAC
C40:36:81:20 [HUN] Jeffrey
C40:36:85:20 [HUN] ChrisAC
C40:36:92:10 [HUN] sasezs
C40:36:92:20 [HUN] sasezs

C40:37:51:30 [HUN] Jeffrey
C40:37:58:21 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:38:89:12 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:41:05:20 [HUN] viktorianus
C40:41:08:20 [HUN] Sigismund
C40:41:13:30 [HUN] Sigismund

C40:42:50:20 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:43:11:30 [HUN] Petykemano

C40:44:27:20 [HUN] Jeffrey
C40:44:62:20 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:44:91:20 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:45:00:10 [HUN] Jeffrey
C40:45:22:10 [HUN] Roland the conqueror
C40:45:90:11 [HUN] Petykemano
C40:45:92:21 [HUN] Atlantis

C40:47:85:50 [HUN] Jeffrey

C40:53:62:13 [HUN] zozo16
C40:53:82:20 [HUN] zozo16

C40:55:24:21 [HUN] zozo16
C40:55:76:20 [HUN] zozo16

C40:62:02:30 [HUN] zozo16
C40:62:38:20 [HUN] zozo16
C40:62:60:20 [HUN] viktorianus

C40:63:42:20 [HUN] Trust
C40:63:58:10 [HUN] Trust
C40:63:58:30 [HUN] zozo16

C40:64:06:20 [HUN] Trust
C40:64:74:20 [HUN] Trust

C40:71:68:10 [HUN] sasezs
C40:73:15:30 [HUN] Trust
C40:73:90:20 [HUN] Trust
C40:74:36:20 [HUN] Trust
C40:74:58:50 [HUN] zozo16
C40:74:89:20 [HUN] Trust
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[HUN] C40 Bases
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